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Our advanced digital dictation software, Lexacom 3, is now available.

Offering a range of new features, the software will make dictating and transcribing documents even more efficient.

Lexacom 3: New Features

Clinical system integration Clinical system integration: SystmOne integration is available, with EMIS and Vision integration coming shortly. Lexacom 3 is the only digital dictation software to integrate with these clinical systems, offering significant savings in time and helping to improve accuracy.
Return to author Return to author: Dictations can now be returned, once typed, to their author for checking and approval. All information is transferred securely within Lexacom 3, with both authors and typists able to check status at any time.
Management and reporting Management and reporting: This module allows you to track the usage and performance of your dictation system, monitor document turnaround times, and identify trends such as volume of correspondence by recipient or author.
Automatic updates Automatic updates: Lexacom 3 will automatically update when a new version is available, at no cost to our customers.
Multisite workload sharing Multisite workload sharing: Using Lexacom's unique cloud-based software, different sites can share dictations even where no shared server exists (conditions apply).

I would like to thank all our customers who have waited patiently for Lexacom 3 to be ready. It took longer to finalise than we hoped but I'm confident it will prove to be worth the wait.
Dr Andrew Whiteley,
Managing Director,

Lexacom 3 software will be offered free of charge to all existing Lexacom customers on a Gold Support package. A one-off charge will be made to cover the cost of providing an engineer to install the upgrade.
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Lexacom mobile

Dictate whenever, wherever with Lexacom Mobile

The Lexacom Digital Dictation App for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch is now available to download from the Apple App Store. Lexacom Mobile offers ultimate flexibility to dictate while visiting clients, seeing patients or working from home. Fully integrated with Lexacom 3, all information is securely encrypted and transferred via the cloud, ensuring confidentiality.

* Lexacom Mobile is available with Lexacom 3,version or later. Please email sales@lexacom.co.uk for further information.

Lexacom Cloud

Introducing Lexacom Membership

Lexacom 3 is a membership-based service. On installation, you will be given an administrator account, enabling you to manage your account directly via the Lexacom Cloud.

Technical support from our UK-based team is included with membership, as are future L3 software updates.